Friday, May 8, 2009

Bruce Springsteen, Live at the Mainpoint, Bryn Mawr PA, 2/5/75

Something a little different today on SOTHDFTI.

I'm still in Bruce mode so bear with me, but I think I have found a gem.

First a little story. When I was in High School, my home room was the "Home Economics" lab. I'm sure that they have a different name for this now like the "place where men can go too you know" or "foods" but back in the day it was the Home Ec lab.

In the Home Ec lab there were fixed tables that the students would cook and work at which seated about 4 students and since we were seated alphabetically, I sat for four years with a girl named Kim E.

Kim E was one of these girls that looked 22 when she was in 10th grade.

She was constantly coming in and telling of her latest club experiences and I especially recall her talking about seeing Bruce Springsteen at the Mainpoint in Bryn Mawr. She would rave on and on about how he played 2 hours and how exciting he was.

I had no idea. I had never seen him live and my chances of seeing him were slim to none especially on a school night.

After seeing him again last week, I decided to poke around on the Interweb and found this gem.

Bruce Springsteen and the E street Band, live at the Mainpoint. 34 years later, I found what Kim was talking about. Better later than never.

It was a benefit show for the Mainpoint which as far as I can tell was always short on cash since there were tons of benefit shows there for the place itself. This show was also simulcast live on WMMR, the station forever linked to promoting Springsteen in the Philly area, thanks to Ed Sciaky the DJ who just adored Springsteen.

It was recorded during the Born to Run recording sessions and has a good mix of stuff from Greetings from Asbury Park, The Wild, The Innocent and E Street Shuffle and Born to Run.

It opens with "Incident on 57th Street" with just Bruce and the Piano and then breaks into a raucous version of "Mountain of Love", a cover song. In fact there are a lot of cover songs. Dylan's "I want you" and "Back in the USA" are in there too.

The real gem of the concert has to be "Wings for Wheels" an early version of "Thunder Road" complete with Angelina instead of Mary and more of focus on the car and racing with lyrics like "I gotta get this 4/4 back on the street". It's a fascinating discovery in song writing all by itself.

The MP3s are easily found on the Internet so I won't post them here.

To Kim E, I now know what you were talking about and to everyone else, check it out.

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